Month: November 2018

The best Albariño this side of Spain.

Most people associate Albariño – the grape or the wine – with Spain, and for good reason.  This white wine grape grows is indigenous to Spain (although some Portuguese argue that their “Alvarinho” is the original) and there are some truly fantastic wines that come from the wine regions in Galicia.  On our last trip to Spain in May of this year, we had the occasion to sample several and they did not disappoint.  We also had a fair amount of Alvarinho, truth be told, on the 9 days we spent in Portugal.

When we made our first trip out to California’s Lodi wine region earlier this year, we were intrigued to find out that there was a winery their – Bokisch Vineyards – that specialized in making wines from Spanish varietals,including Albariño.  We were skeptical at first as we have encountered many wineries across the U.S. that have planted (read: overplanted) Spanish white and red varietals.  Our skepticism melted right away, though, when tasted the Bokisch wines, starting with their Albariño.  Their version of this Spanish classic stayed true to the wine as it is made in Spain. This was not surprising when we learned that Markus Bokisch has a Spanish mother and spent his childhood summers with his maternal aunts, uncles and cousins.  Take it from us, this guy and his team know Spanish wine!

In my opinion, the best Spanish Albariño  wines – from Rias Baixas in Galicia – are crisp, refreshing, unoaked, slightly acidic, and perfect for pairing with a variety of seafood, particularly a zesty ceviche.  Fans of  Rías Baixas Albariño will love Bokisch Vineyards’ expression of this varietal:   fermented and aged 100% in stainless steel, this 2016 Albariño is delicious and refreshing, its crisp acidity balanced by flavors of citrus fruits.

spanish wine map.jpg

Rias Baixas is way up north and west (map courtesy of Wine Folly)


2016 Bokisch Vineyards Albariño

AlbarinoTAVnoyearv2 (1).jpg

Light straw in color with a tinge of green. The aromatics are incredible. Swirl in the glass and you smell orange blossoms (Azahar), Meyer lemon, Granny Smith apples, wisteria flowers and a touch of salty sea mist. It has a crisp,clean acidity that is balanced by the delicious flavors of candied tangerine, ripe kiwi, pink grapefruit and a wet slate minerality that is typical of Albariños from Galicia.

Retail Price:  $23.00.

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If you want to learn more about this grape, its history, best food pairings, and how the vines are maintained, check out this excellent article by our friends at ilovewine logo.png

Here is a link to their comprehensive write-up on what we hope becomes your new favorite Spanish white wine.

All About Albarino Wine

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Irene Ingersoll

November 20, 2018